A story that has matured like wine.

Some stories are so impressive that inspire us. Overcoming challenges, a lot of dedication, caring for people, and the search for an ever-brighter future are some of the characteristics that make Zanlorenzi's trajectory an inspiration for everyone.


It all began in 1890 when the first Zanlorenzi arrived in Brazil with the expectation of a new world, the experience of a typical Italian family, and the dedication of the Zanlorenzi´s.

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Passion for innovation.

A constant in the history of Zanlorenzi is the search for new technologies that make the products reach you with the quality that you know. An example of this concern is the largest packaging line in Latin America.

Our products

Fine Wines

Tradition in fine wines that has already won dozens of awards.

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Sparkling wines

Zanlorenzi has the right sparkling wine for your celebration.

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Juices and Teas

From the innovation, juices and teas were born, and they are present at the table of many Brazilians.

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Table Wines

Respecting by tradition, table wines are part of Zanlorenzi's portfolio.

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Excellence recognized worldwide.

The fine balance between tradition and innovation has given rise to a portfolio of internationally awarded products.